Belated Birthday Cards

Turquoise flowery branches belated birthday card

When you forget to wish someone on his or her birthday, just sending a sorry text message looks offensive. You have to incorporate a good manner to convince the birthday person that the reason was fair, and hence, you forgot his/her birthday.

This dark turquoise happy belated birthday card with white flowery branches on the opposite corners looks charming. The happy belated birthday title looks creative in contrast color combination of white and light blue. Give a custom touch to it by adding the name of the birthday person. Addressing the person with my dear gives it a personal touch, and realize the birthday person that he/she is very special to you.

This fascinating belated birthday card quote depicts that; ‘sorry for wishing a bit late, but it doesn’t mean that I love you less’. Thus, this sweet and short message articulates your words and assures the birthday person about your real emotions for her or him.

Turquoise flowery branches belated birthday card