Friendship Day

Shree Krishna Sudama Happy Friendship Day

This card depicts beautiful messages for the best friends. Friends like Krishna, who helps Sudama whenever he was in need. The friendship of Krishna & Sudama is great, and words are less to describe their true friendship. This card is perfect to give your best friend who always stands in your difficult situations when others lefts you.

For a happy friendship day greeting, no other card looks great than this unique Krishna Sudama vector card. This beautifully designed card looks stunning with the partly transparent background image in which Krishna sits below the tree with a flute in his hand in the beautiful village. And in the foreground image, Krishna and Sudama are standing on two sides of the card and laughing with fun. This card explains that you will get actual fun when you are with your best friend, and nothing is more valuable than a real friendship. Add your name and send this best friendship day card to your friends whom you love most.

Shree Krishna Sudama Happy Friendship Day