Please Forgive Me message to say I'm sorry

A cute girl with a specs image with a sorry quote to ask for forgiveness for a mistake made by you.

We are humans, and intentional or unintentional, at times, we tend to hurt others! But this can be rectified. How? Accept your mistake and take a moment to express your apology if you have really hurt your close ones. The rustic orange colored card with a white and yellow sorry message quote is an instant solution to beat the awkwardness.

If you are really sorry and believe in learning from your mistakes, this e-card template is instantly available to download and share. Sorry quotes can bring back a smile on the face of your loved ones, and a cute image works best in melting angry hearts.

Browse through our huge collection of I am sorry cards with heartfelt forgiveness quotes and related images that appears blissful. Edit the name and share this card for free on your whatsapp status or other social media platforms. Sometimes, the smallest gestures can make the biggest difference in one’s relationships.

Please Forgive Me message to say I'm sorry