Happy Diwali

Green Leaves and Diya image Eco Friendly Diwali Wishes

We must take care of our environment. This sweet message has been conveyed in this Happy Diwali greetings card image in a very unique way. There is a beautiful quote written on the card that touches one's heart. We know that Diwali is a festival of lights and firecrackers ; this brings pollution. It is unique in the sense that the message to save our environment has been conveyed through the Diwali card itself.

There is an online facility to edit name on the card pics. The card has been designed on a green background with images of green diyas and leaves on it. This symbolizes the message in the card to celebrate an eco-friendly and green Diwali to save our environment. With wonderful quotes and an eye-pleasing green background, this card can be the best way to wish and convey an important social message to all the recipients this Diwali.

One-click eco-friendly Diwali wishes greetings card maker free. 

Green Leaves and Diya image Eco Friendly Diwali Wishes