Birthday wishes for Kids

Cute & funny happy birthday card

This light orange birthday card looks funny yet very cute. If you are looking for funny cards for kid's birthday wishes, this funny monkey kid birthday card is a great choice. The naughty baby monkey sitting in the leafy bushes with a whistle in his mouth makes the card funny to allure any kid. To present the card to the kid in your family, neighbor's, or relative’s kid, this best shading of light orange with green leaves looks pretty. Also, in the title, wishing you a happy birthday, with a pair of green leaves gives an elegant touch to the card. 

You can make it personalized by adding the birthday kid’s name. The quote itself conveys your message smartly. Happy birthday, genius, learn and grow more in the coming year. Thus, this funny monkey kid's birthday card is perfect to impress the kid and his parents. With the funny look, it blesses the kids with its progressive future. You can share this online card on your social media, as well.

Cute & funny happy birthday card