Happy Janmashtami

Bal Krishna in the basket image Krishna Janmashtami Card

Are you looking for the unique Lord Krishna Janmashtami card with a picture and name? This beautifully designed Janmashtami card looks unmatched with the Bal Krishna image of sleeping in the basket floating on the river Yamuna. The different shades of blue in the sky and river make the card attractive with white birds flying in the sky. Happy Janmashtami wrote nicely using blue and white color and having a flute with Morpich on it.

The card conveys a sweet message that may lord Krishna steal all your tension and worries. As Bal Krishna was famous for stealing butter from Gopis’ pots in the Gokul for a good purpose, here the wishes depict that the god will steal all problems from your life and make it tension-free.

Write your name using this online card maker to create your personal Krishna Janmashtami Card. Sharing on social media, use as a status on WhatsApp or Insta story, this card is perfect to give your friends and family the best Janmashtami wishes.

Bal Krishna in the basket image Krishna Janmashtami Card