Apology quotes card

Whether you are looking for a forgiveness card for friends, family, or anyone. This card with messages and quotes looks perfect. You can easily write name on this photo online free and fast. 

This card has a cute little girl apologizing with teary eyes. Along with that, "I am sorry" written in bold letters makes everything perfect. Now, if you are feeling too vulnerable to say sorry to your best friend, boyfriend, or anyone close to you. This sorry card doesn't have any tacky design at all. So, you don’t have to struggle while adjusting the designs as per your choice. Just send this digital card to the person you want to say sorry. 

You can access this card from any browser and download it on your phone or computer. Then, you can send it directly to that person. You can either choose to send it on Instagram, Whatsapp, or any other social media platform. From there, it can reach to them instantly on their profile or account. 

Apology quotes card